Solve The Problem - Summer Blues SZN1 [EP]

Summer Blues SZN1 is Solve The Problem’s 2nd EP and the first solo project under Innanetwav. (UU). The EP illustrates a fully-fledged Solve The Problem capable of laying out content which is above the norm of industry standards.
A symbiosis between impeccable, experimental and profound flows is coupled by a highly distinctive production. Each track is thoughtfully crafted, reflecting endeavours and triumphs of Solve The Problem as a 19-year-old as well as paving the way towards his 2018 debut album. Notable contributors include; Southside Mohammed and The Big Hash.
Holistically the project is executively produced by 808x & oshoku, sound engineer and graphic's designer, respectively, at Innanetwav. (UU).
"Summer blues. Honestly, at first, I'd imagined the title as a genre to classify the songs at the time but after a while, it turned out to be a mood more than anything. Pretty much a trip through my head-space. Some days cloudy, some days sunny - somehow I found balance between the two and it made perfect sense to pull this off" - Solve The Problem



You humanz r the future.. I love this tape


This project is fye 🔥😻

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