oshoku - Stripes [EP]

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"I named it stripes because I like Zebras and in stripes, I'm selling a narrative with no dialogue. To get deep for two seconds, I care too much and it's hard to change this (insert laughing emoji). Link this to Zebras, they can't be domesticated like my stubbornness (another emoji).

Stripes is a 6 track EP. There are four songs being three minutes in length because the number 3 represents a lot of people and events in my life and there are four of these songs because in some Asian cultures the number 4 represents bad luck.

To wrap this up stripes is how I felt over a month or so. Thinking about life and how this year was kinda crap bruh...

Anyway, the story gets deeper in the descriptions of the songs, individually.

If you cared enough to read this, awes + high-five emoji, if not, awes, the tracks are pretty narce either way".

- oshoku

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